Angie Ates​ – Insurance VS Membership Models: Key Differences, Considerations And Misconceptions​

Angie Ates​


Cheng-Huai Ruan, M.D.

Alright everyone, super excited to introduce Angie. So Angie has over 21 years experience as a corporate executive leadership, and was the number one district manager with Mimi Maternity and led teams like Gap and Children’s Place and Fashion Bug and responsible for over $40 million in revenue. So I’m really excited to have her on. Right now, she does something a bit different. She has created herself into a ultimate health practitioner. She’s a board certified and complimentary alternative health practitioner and launched six successful clinics and has over 5,000 clients, which is a big deal when it comes to automation. She’s the founder and CEO of Academy Epic, an integrated natural health education platform based on principles of empowering and equipping others. She’s an international speaker, has trained over 10,000 practitioners worldwide and onstage with my hero, Les Brown, Dr. Lee Cowden, Charlotte Brown, just to name a few. These are big names in the industry. Her unique ability to shake things up and ability to take action quickly really provides her with helping others achieve truly unprecedented results. 

She’s been featured in over 200 health training videos and has been hand-selected to customize trainings in companies like YMCA, Northern Nutrition, Best Bio. She’s also highly spiritual as an ordained minister and diplomat of pastoral science and full matsu shaman. She’s able to channel her gifts in a much deeper way and bring in cutting edge energy medicine to integrative health practitioners. So the reason I have her on is because she is just a force when it comes to understanding what it takes to do things big, do things fast and execute on a level that few people have ever executed before. Now, whether or not you believe or support naturopathy, this is not the point. The point is getting people onto the summit to really talk about and tackle really the business of medicine. So I am super, super, super happy to introduce Angie to the summit. All right, welcome to the summit. Thanks for being on.

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Angie Ates​ – Insurance VS Membership Models: Key Differences, Considerations And Misconceptions​

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