Learn the Integrated and Functional Approach to Lyme

Clifford Fetters, M.D.


  • Purifying your body and health
  • The Importance of your Immune System and Inflammation Ozone, Natural Remedies, and Mold
  • Surrounding Yourself with the right people.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody. Welcome back to another episode of Healthy Hotline. Today, I have a dear friend of mine, Dr. Cliff Fetters. He’s an amazing fellow, like has a great practice. I’ve met him through one of my mentors, Dr. Lee Cowden and his group that he’s set up, that he calls ACIM. And we met through Dr. Cowden’s associations. You know how you meet people sometimes in your life, and you just hit it off because you’re like-minded? He’s an integrated doctor, he’s a functional doctor. 

Dr. Fetters is the kind of doctor that you want to have managing your healthcare. He goes… He really searches, really deep for the root cause of the kinds of things that are causing you to have a health challenge to start with. And he works tirelessly to figure out the answers and each of his patients, he treats with tender care. Hello, Dr. Cliff. Can let me go back a little bit and just give us a little background as to kind of what brought you into the area that you’re in today? And then we can dive into some of the things that, pearls that you want to give us, the information.


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