Is Carbon 60 A Cure All Compound?

Kenneth Swartz


  • The science behind C60 including the history/discovery of Carbon 60 and why the scientists who discovered it won a Nobel Prize
  • Learn how C60 helps lift the oxidative burden at the cellular level, how C60 supports mitochondrial optimization, a healthy inflammatory response and a healthy immune response  and why most users note an increase in energy and mental clarity after 30 days of daily use
  • Learn why and how the purity of Carbon 60 impacts its efficacy
Kashif Khan

Today, we’re talking about something really cool and unique where, you know, often as we dive into a health issue, or any of these other areas we’ve been talking about, there’s a multitude of sort of solutions we look at, you know, supplements, diet, exercise, and we’re really talking about the problem. Today, we’re pinpointing on a solution. Why? Because what we have learned about how powerful and impactful it is, and some of the research you’re gonna hear about today, it blew our mind in terms of, well, this needs its own sort of standalone time. We gotta take time talking about this on its own, ’cause it’s such a big topic, even though it’s just one solution. So what we’re talking about today is Carbon 60, very unique molecule that we’re talking to one of those most brilliant people I’ve met that can actually speak to it in proper terms, Kenneth Swartz. So first of all, thank you for joining us.


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