Just Because You Are Menopausal Doesn’t Mean You Are Not Estrogen Dominant

Carolyn Ledowsky


  • Estrogen dominance does not only happen to women pre-menopausally. Many women post menopause are using HRT but is that right thing?
  • Learn who is genetically predisposed to estrogen dominance and why its now affecting as many men as women.
  • Estrogen dominance causes weight gain, sleep disturbance, fibroids, fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis, anxiety and depression
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hello, everyone. And welcome back to the Mastering the Menopause Transition Summit. I am your host, Dr. Sharon Stills. And I’ve got a big smile on because I’m super excited for my next guest. We are gonna learn so much about an important topic that you’ve probably heard about, but that we’re really gonna dive deep into with the master. So, I have with me today, Dr. Carolyn Ledowsky. She’s coming to us from Australia, and she is a health scientist, a researcher, a naturopath, an herbalist, a nutritionist, she’s got it all going on. She’s super brilliant, super smart, and she is gonna share her expertise with us today on MTHFR. You can see it right there. She is all about the MTHFR gene, and mutations, and what it means, and how you can work with it if you have it, and what you need to do. So, I’m just thrilled to have this conversation with you today. Thank you so much for coming and being here with us.

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Just Because You Are Menopausal Doesn’t Mean You Are Not Estrogen Dominant

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