Life Extension And Anti-Aging Guru On Heart Healing

Bill Faloon


  • Bill Faloon has focused on health and longevity since the 1970s and co-founded Life Extension for research, education, and supplements
  • Advanced strategies are close to reality like CRISPR gene editing, Yamanaka factors to induce stem cells, and senolytic agents to eliminate senile cells
  • While there are flaws with the pharmaceutical industry, the need to hit optimal targets for blood pressure, blood cholesterol, insulin, and other. markers is necessary even if medications must be used
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

All right. Everybody get out your pad of paper, your pen, your pencil, your crayon, you’re gonna want to take notes. I really hooked a big fish air and he’s from Florida. So he’s close to the ocean and the intracoastal William saloon. Most people know him as Bill Faloon. Bill has an amazing many decade career, but he is literally one of the world’s experts on longevity and anti aging cutting stuff. So we’ve talked about exercising broccoli and sleep and sauna and all kinds of amazing technologies. But we’re going to talk now about what the future might hold to reverse your heart disease with the most advanced of technologies. And you’re gonna love this episode. 

I’m gonna love this episode. But since I do like to formally give people the proper introduction bill following along with Saul Kent founded life extension in 1980 or even in the late 70s to be a newsletter on health and longevity and people started asking about the vitamins they mentioned. So now it is an educational program and a massive vitamin company. He serves as technical director and his mission is aged reversal research initiatives. Hundreds of media appearances. He’s been on the Phil Donahue show. You gotta love that. He’s been on ABC news. He’s been on many, many uh avenues of media and he’s the author of books, including one that I’ve read recently, Farmocracy, how corrupted and misguided medical regulations are bankrupting America and what to do about it, make sure you know about It’s one of the most interesting websites. I’ve had the pleasure to contribute articles and I ingest many of their products every day. Welcome Bill.

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