Living In The Miracle Zone

Marci Shimoff


  • Do you want to be happy for no reason?
  • All you need to do is live in the Miracle Zone
  • Gain insights into the 7 Areas of Happiness that pave your way to the Miracle Zone specifically, Marci will show you how the Love Response (which is the scientific opposite of the Stress Response) can impact our health and wellness in a positive way
Jana Danielson

Hey everybody. Thanks for making your way back to the virtual medicine of mindset stage. I’m Jana Danielson, I am your host and I have a really um important special sparkly guest coming onto our virtual stage, Marci Shimoff and I know that name is going to be familiar to you now, let me tell you a little bit about Marci, she is the number one New York times best selling author. She’s a world renowned transformational teacher and expert on happiness, success and unconditional love and we’re gonna get to pick her brain a little bit today about those aspects of health and wellness and life. Her books include the runaway bestsellers. Happy for no reason, Love for no reason six titles in the chicken soup for the Women’s Soul series and I’ll never forget being in Costco and seeing this series and I was like what is this? So the fact that I get some time with her today is a little bit of a fan girl have to. 

I’m gonna be honest, her books have sold more than 16 million copies worldwide in 33 languages and it really have talked all of the major bestseller lists and this is really cool. When I read this, she’s been on the New York times best seller list for a total of 121 weeks like that is phenomenal. Marci is one of the best selling female nonfiction authors of all time. So she knows her stuff. Ladies and gentlemen and we get to learn from her today. She is the host of the national PBS television special. Happy for no reason. She’s a featured teacher in the Secret and the narrator for the award winning film Happy. She co leads a worldwide program called Your year of miracles, which many of you might be familiar with and with thousands of participants from 72 countries that have been touched by the brilliance of this amazing woman. And so she really has inspired millions of people from around the world and is dedicated her whole entire life to helping people live more miraculous, empowered and joy filled lives. And I feel like we just need more of that. So Marci thank you so much for saying yes to this summit and being with us today.

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