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Learn how to be a coach and help patients take their first step on their journey back to health by activating their inner healer! Learn how to mentor and impart these valuable information to your patients: The doctor of the future is the patient Health begins at home Nothing can fix your body better than it can fix itself True health requires an exploration of the mind, body, and spirit

Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT

Welcome back folks. I’m really excited today to introduce not only a wonderful practitioner, but a good friend of mine, really excited to introduce Sachin Patel Patel of Perfect Practice. He’s gonna share his wonderful ideas on how you can help even more people with your healing services in person or virtually. Now this is for you, whether you’re already a health coach, or allied practitioner, or even if you’re just starting off and don’t have any customers yet, you want to listen in very closely. Sachin Patel and I have worked together for several years now. We met at a conference a lot of years ago, and he’s helped hundreds of practitioners create their practices centered around work, life balance. And I’ve preached this for many years that you gotta live a lifestyle that your clients are gonna wanna follow. He’s like the consummate professional when it comes to that. In 2018 Sachin Patel was awarded the Peter Jenkins award as the functional medicine practitioner of the year, and just last week received his second Clickfunnels Two Comma Club award for generating over seven figures in online sales. 

Of all the people we could have here to talk about this subject, he’s the number one guy. His wisdom is timeless. You can listen to him over and over and walk away with something different every time you do. He’s the author of the bestselling practice management book, Perfect Practice, right here on my desk. And he hosts an insightful podcast by the same name. You can look that up. Of course, we’re gonna be putting a lot of information about Sachin Patel in the show notes. But I just want to tell you, before we bring Sachin Patel on, for the last five years Sachin Patel has been training practitioners all over the world and teaching them how to effectively communicate their value, run efficient practices and leverage technology to free up human capital so that you can live and they can all live long and loving and laughing lives and have a good time doing what we love to do. So with the world sifting under our feet, I can assure you that Sachin Patel’s calm and timely insights will help you grow personally and profession. Please welcome my good friend Sachin Patel Patel. Thanks for coming on Sachin Patel. Say hello to the group and I will give you some moments to— 

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