Long Term Impact – Long Haul COVID Research Studies And Clinical Trials

Dr. Michael Peluso


  • Understanding the biology of COVID
  • The early days of the virus and the journey of the LIINC study (and how the disease has morphed since inception)
  • Understanding variability in the long-term immune response between individuals
  • The Recover Program, a national study of Long Covid
  • Review of mechanisms that are being investigated
Eric Gordon, MD

Welcome welcome to another edition of Overcoming Long covid and CFS. And today we have actually I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while because it’s a chance to really talk to people in academia who I think are doing a lot of good work and I don’t think enough people are paying attention to it. And today we have Dr. Michael Peluso who is an MD infectious disease doctor at UCSF. And he has he I think is way ahead of the curve. And he’s gonna tell us about a program that he helped start in April of 2020 called the link program. And then we’re gonna go on and talk about the recovery program, which is, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe it’s the government. And I mean that in the best sense of the way and the sense of the word, I think the government doing what it should be doing, which is supporting research to help answer important medical questions. But so, Michael, so first welcome and tell me about how the link to tell people what it is and how that came about.

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Long Term Impact – Long Haul COVID Research Studies And Clinical Trials

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