Blue Zones: Longevity Lessons From The World’s Oldest People

Dan Buettner


  • The Blue Zones are 5 areas around the world where residents have exceptional health span and lifespan
  • They have in common a largely whole food plant diet rich in legumes
  • The lessons of the Blue Zones have been successfully adopted to cities in the USA and can be learned easily
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Well everybody sit down or stand up. I’m standing lock in your seat, you’re not going anywhere because you’re going to be fascinated by our guest and friend Dan Buettner. Many of you will say, oh my God, it’s Dan Buettner. I always wanted to hear him talk, I’ve heard him talk over and over introduce him in a minute, Reversing Heart Disease Naturally Summit. And who knows more about longevity than Dan Buettner. Dan thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions on your take on longevity on heart. It’s such a profound knowledge that you actually have accumulated so much more than most of us, but just in case you guys don’t know Dan Buettner. He’s an explorer extraordinaire that could fill an hour National Geographic fellow to say, he’s an award winning journalist, producer in New York times, best selling author is an understatement. The books are amazing, we’ll talk about a new one And he has worked now for 20 years Dan on the idea of discovering their longevity is abundant and why that’s been about 20 years now, wow. 

And just look at him, he’s 100 and seven years old, look how good he looks now. He’s a young man with a lot of energy and all, but he’s taken the idea of studying longevity and translating it to partner with city governments, large employers, health insurance companies there, our blue zone cities all over America. He really is transforming American life and educating american citizens on how to stay healthy out of a hospital out of a clinic without medication, all these things are possible. But you know, not everybody’s doing it and born and raised in Minneapolis coming to us via beautiful sunny Miami. So thanks so much Dan. I mean I could go on forever. Your bio is insane, but thanks for the time and let’s just dive in. There might be, you know, a very large audience viewing this. There might be somebody that doesn’t know the term blue zone. And why don’t we were talking off camera? Just tell me on camera you know, the kernel of the idea that you’re going to go study and find where people live the longest, maybe the healthiest lifespan and health Spahn and then this phone call down the street in Minneapolis to the famous scientist Dr. Ancel Keys. Just a couple of minutes on the very beginning.

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