How To Incorporate The S.A.N.E Approach To Longevity Medicine Into Your Integrative Practice

Angie Ates​


  • 4 Pillars for effective treatment success,
  • Redefining stress and the mind-body relationship.
  • Using indigenous tools for authentic result.
Joseph M. Raffaele, M.D.

Welcome to the Telomere Summit again. I’m Dr. Joseph Raffaele, your host. I’m very happy to have Angie Ates on today to talk about the business of functional health and her journey from corporate health into indigenous health and a sane pathway towards healing. She is an internationally recognized speaker on the business of integrative functional health, helping practitioners attain multiple six-figure incomes while living their purpose. She specifically helps those in the healing arts who integrate holistic disciplines with passion, purpose, and profit, the trilogy model of a successful integrative practitioner. Her bio is quite extensive, but I’m gonna let Angie tell us a little bit about her journey, and then we’ll get into learning more about what she does and how it can help us in our practices.

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How To Incorporate The S.A.N.E Approach To Longevity Medicine Into Your Integrative Practice

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