Lyme and Pain Management

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Chronic Illness
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody. Robby Besner, co-founder and device developer, Theresage, and we’re back with another amazing episode of the Healthy Hotline that is being sponsored now by Theresage. And what is so unique about these episodes is to bring more attention to the Lyme community. As everybody knows, you know, oh, maybe people don’t know, people in the Lyme community know this, but there’s not enough attention that’s brought to Lyme disease. 

For research and for money and all the stuff that goes into it, there’s gobs of money sent towards the cancer resolution, but not enough to Lyme. And so Theresage, as you guys know, part of our whole orientation of how we even started the development, the genesis of Theresage came from looking for solutions or meeting doctors and practitioners that could help us find solutions to help our daughter with her chronic Lyme challenge. So what this month of May is all about is meeting the most amazing practitioners, researchers and people that have bodies of work that is gonna spend 20 minutes telling you the pearls you need to help you resolve your Lyme challenge. You know, things that you can know, super important information. 

So today’s episode is with one of my dear friends. And I have to say this, honestly, I start my day talking to Dr. Michael Rankin Sr. and I end my day almost every single day talking to Dr. Michael Rankin Sr. So he’s super close to me in my heart. He’s touched so many people and their lives. Initially, when we got to meet each other and got to know each other, it was all about Theresage, and he found us and he found our products and he started using them to heal himself from his own injuries. And then started gifting our products that everyone that he knew, even people he didn’t know, just walking off the street, if he found out that there was a purpose, he would give them one of our products. 

So that gives you a little bit of a backdrop as to the nature and the heart of this guy. Where his main focus initially was all about cancer, he has shifted his business and his focus, and he’s probably one of the best emotional healers out there. And that’s what’s so important about today’s episode because Dr. Michael Rankin is gonna teach us how to really make the connection in the mind-body, address the emotional side of our illness. And we all know, and for the people that don’t know out there, you really can’t completely heal unless you address the emotional side of your health challenge. So with that, I want to welcome my dear friend and partner in business and in health care, Dr. Michael Rankin Sr. Michael, please tell the audience just a few minutes, spend a minute or so on a little bit of your background and a little bit of the things that you’re focusing on these days.

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Lyme and Pain Management

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