Lyme Disease: Chronic Pain & PTSD Part 1

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  • Learn and attain the list of ingredients that you can utilize tomorrow to make a change in your health and well being.
  • Learn how to manage and heal from lyme and/or the co-infections from one of the top practiitioners in regenerative medicine ; Speaker reveals most of the tools he uses in his treatments and protocols.
Chronic Illness
Robby Besner PSc.D.

It’s Robby Besner and I’m back with another great interview. I’m sorry, they’re all great, but today we have a really special guest. His name is Dr. Matt Cook. And he’s in California. And he has a really cool background, which just sort of really blends into his skillsets, that he has put all of those together into his program and his practice called BioReset Medical. But it’s really kind of an interesting platform in general, and I’m hoping he’ll take us, to dive us, a little bit deeper, unpack, some of the elements of BioReset and what makes that unusual from other practices in the way that they see the world. He started off, and probably even before that… as an anesthesiologist. But he sees a lot of Lyme patients and different kinds of chronic elements in his practice and in just chatting with them, it seems to me, he treats the whole person, in least in the platform that he has presented. 

And he’s very conscious of the terrain that the… interactions of your outside micro, macrobiome and the microbiome inside of you, and then the effects of our environment and how that expresses in each of us. And it’s super critical, particularly in Lyme. And that’s what makes Dr. Cook’s approach so unusual, and also what keeps him, you know, how cream always rises to the top, well, I would like to say that about Dr. Cook. So Matt, welcome to the Healing from Lyme Summit, and I really wanna welcome you in, you have a pretty cool background I can go on for a while, but I know that you would sell a story much better than me. So give us a little backdrop as to sort of about you, how you, I think that you might’ve gone down one path as a ‘traditional’ anesthesiologist, but somehow you got some life experience might’ve diverted you into the interests of that you have today because, and also, well, I want you to spend some time on regenerative medicine, what your definition of that is. But we’ll get to that in a minute. Just talk to us about your background, and walk us forward if you want.

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