Lyme in the Family

Barry Smeltzer, MPAS, PA-C


  • Is it Lyme or something else preventing you from getting better?
  • The effects of stress on infections. Education and the family dynamic.
  • Sweating, movement, and detox.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody, it’s Robby Besner back with an amazing episode. You guys know me, I’m the co-founder and device developer for Therasage, and today we have the episode of all episodes. Dr. Barry Smeltzer is with us, and I know Barry personally had his family and I had the pleasure of actually being in, out overseas in Beijing with him at an amazing conference. But we met at an autism conference in Chicago, I think so. I think it was Chicago a bunch of years ago. He’s a family practitioner, he focuses on family, he has an amazing family himself, and if he keeps going, he’s going to have a football team. 

So, as far as I know, I think he’s just under a basketball team of kids, but his practice is very family and kid oriented. And even though his main focus and how I met him wasn’t at an autism conference and he gets on stage and he talks to a lot of colleagues and high-end practitioners. And he knows his way around that turf. There’s a strong parallel between the autistic family dynamic and children and people on the spectrum and the Lyme family dynamic and of course my patients that are on the full spectrum of could be debilitated all the way to functioning and, and having episodes every so often. And so, because he dives really deep into his own medical practice and his own journey, I want to bring Dr. Smeltzer on, Dr. Barry you you ‘ll call him for today. And Barry, give us a little bit of a backdrop on you. What you brought, brought you to where you are, and then let’s dive into a little bit of the pearls that we can offer to the Lyme community.

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