Lyme Insights from the Doctor in the Know

Jaban Moore, DC



Finding the right steps and what to address first Co-infections, Toxins, and Trauma.

Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the Healthy Hotline. And we’re sponsored by Therasage. So this is part of our Lyme Series and today we just have our all-stars, the only way that I can describe Dr. Jaban Moore. He’s got a presence on Instagram. He’s got a great website and he has a Facebook presence. And it’s so simple. You just dial in Dr. Jaban, J-A-B-A-N, Moore, M-O-O-R-E. So Jaban, welcome to the Healthy Hotline. I know you’ve had your own battle with Lyme and journey. I read part of your background. It’s kind of really interesting to me how you got inspired basically as a child, watching your mom and her health challenges, then wanting to help her. And I think that inspired was sort of an underpinning why you went to GC School, got a health degree, but you didn’t stop there. 

Then in the middle of all that, you had your own challenge and then you kind of found your way, cloud your way back there, which gave you an acute understanding of what Lyme patient goes through. And I know you see a lot of Lyme in your practice. But for the most part, we’re here today just to get some pearls of wisdom from you from your own journey. This is just the beginning, by the way. And Dr. Jaban Moore is truly an all-star. He’s amazing. And so I would like to go into all the accolades. I mean, your functional medicine. You’re doing masterwork in blood chemistry. You’re multi-faceted, and you’re in the kinds of approaches that you’ve taken. You really work at cellular healing finding the root cause, creating a healthy platform. These are all the like-minded kinds of modalities and approaches that we look at at Therasage. So I’m sure that’s probably why I find you so interesting and I’m really attracted to you on your energy and the things that you’re doing. So Jaban, welcome to the Healthy Hotline. Jaban is in the house. Give us a shout out and tell us a little bit of backdrop if you want. And then let’s move forward into talking about how we can help the well-deserved, well-needed, under-served mind community.

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