Bioenergetic Healing Devices for Pain, Lymphatic Drainage and Healing

Anita Morales



Dr. Anita Morales introduces the Electro Equiscope, which is a second-class FDA registered medical device that can treat your body in just seconds. It does this through the feeding of ATP, which helps energize cells and heal injuries or diseases as they occur.

When we are energetically suppressed through some sort of injury and/or disease, our system begins to work very slow. It also suppresses the immune system over time until illness builds up in us when you use this machine on a regular basis which reignites cell-like walking into your house after dark; then all those lights go off again because they need more energy than what’s left from only one light being turned out earlier.


Anita Morales 

Hi, my name is Anita Morales and I’m an electro tech here at the Cancer Center For Healing. The first modality that I’m gonna talk about is the Electro-Equiscope. It is a second-class FDA-registered medical device. This machine reads and treats the system in a matter of a second. It supports the body’s cellular system by feeding it with ATP. When your body is energetically suppressed through some sort of injury and/or some sort of disease, the system begins to work very slow and suppresses the immune system. Over a period of time, illness builds up. When you use this machine on a regular basis, it reignites the cell, very much like when you walk into a house and the light is turned off. You turn on that light and the cell wakes up. 

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