The Financial Burden of Cancer & Your Options

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  • The low cost and free treatments anyone can do with cancer
  • How to plan financially for effective and integrative cancer care
  • Why integrative immunotherapy should be considered over conventional immunotherapy
  • How cancer care is accessible to everyone no matter your financial
  • The difference between smart cancers and stupid cancers
  • Why cancer is seldom a medical emergency and what you can do to empower yourself in finding the best treatment
Nathan Crane 

Hello everybody, welcome to the Global Cancer Symposium 2.0. My name’s Nathan Crane. I’m the award-winning filmmaker of “Cancer; The Integrative Perspective” as well as the Director of the Health and Healing Club. You can learn more about that But today I am really honored and excited to be talking with Dr. Antonio Jimenez, also lovingly known as Dr. Tony about the financial burden of cancer, assessing your options to manage a cancer diagnosis. You know, we were just talking briefly behind the scenes if you will, about one of the major concerns for anybody dealing with a chronic disease or chronic diagnosis like cancer. 

Is the financial concern, one, how much is this gonna cost me? Two, am I even gonna have enough money to really follow through with the treatments needed? And three, am I gonna be able to, you know, am I gonna outlive my money, right? And so these are all valid concerns and these are also really important topics we’re gonna be covering in this interview. Not only things you can do, effective treatments you can do for yourself at home that are free or very low cost. But also what are the low cost to mid tier cost to higher cost integrative, natural or even conventional treatments, right? That you need to be prepared for. And how can you deal with those things financially? How can you overcome that burden? How can you overcome the fear? 

This isn’t an interview about how can you make more money? It’s not about that, it’s about, you know, recognizing what our fears are, recognizing what our approach, our best approach can be. What is the efficacy of these treatments and what is the cost you need to be aware of? And then, so you’re more empowered to say here’s all the things I can do, and here’s my dream things that I’d love to do or here’s the things that I absolutely can’t afford or will make sure I do financially make happen for myself because my life depends on it, right? So we’re gonna get into all that. I do encourage you to take notes. I do encourage you to, you know, listen to this again and again, because you’ll learn things a second or third time that you might’ve missed the first time. But let me read Dr. Tony’s bio. 

He’s truly an extraordinary leader in the field of integrative medicine and integrative cancer treatment. And then we’ll bring him on, okay? So, Dr. Antonio Jimenez is an MD, medical doctor, and an ND, a naturopathic doctor, and he’s the founder and chief medicalofficer of the world renowned, Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, which are operating in Mexico in Tijuana, in Canun, also in Thailand. And he’s a globally recognized leader in integrative oncology, Dr. Jimenez received his MD from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, faculty of medicine in Mexico in for over 25 years. He has dedicated his life to the study clinical research and implementation of integrative non-toxic treatments. Known for his development of the seven key principles of cancer therapy, which hopefully we’ll have enough time to get into those today as well, which he has a great book on the subject. 

Dr. Jimenez is an established speaker, has been featured at events, including our own Global Cancer Symposium. He’s also in my award-winning film, “Cancer; The Integrated Perspective.” He has taught at the truth about cancer live symposium, the anticancer revolution, as well as many others. Throughout his career, he’s traveled to more than 70 nations, learning, training and researching innovative cancer care methods and technologies. His experience and expertise have seen him successfully pioneer effective, non-toxic treatments such as photodynamic therapy, which I wanna learn about. And emerging immunotherapies as well. He’s also an accomplished author. 

His most recent book, I encourage you to go pick up it’s called “Hope for Cancer: Seven Principles “to Remove Fear and Empower Your Healing Journey.” Certainly a foundational book that everyone should read. Dr. Tony further propels his mission to share the vital healing knowledge of his medical discoveries with the world. And he provides his patients with a lifelong structure for healing built around science, education and empowerment. His website is, Go take a look at it right after this interview. Dr. Tony, thank you so much for being with us.

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