Understanding Mast Cell Activation with Dr Larry Afrin

Lawrence Afrin, MD


  • Symptoms of mast cell activation, history of Mast cell Activation syndrome
  • Understanding the Biology, mast cells
  • Understanding mast cell testing Tryptase & Histamines
Eric Gordon, M.D.

Good afternoon. This is another edition of Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness and today we have a treat. It’s a chance to discuss with Dr. Larry Afrin, all things mast cell. Dr. Afrin, is a hematologist oncologist, he went to the University of South Carolina for his training but what he has done, what makes Dr. Afrin, I think a very special physician is that he was a hematologist oncologist, but he never stopped thinking that something else could be happening with his patients. When things didn’t make sense, he didn’t decide that the patient was, you know, anxious and depressed or confused, or more importantly had 10 different unrelated illnesses. And Dr. Afrin wrote the book, “Never Bet Against Occam” which I think everyone should read, especially anyone with a chronic illness. I can tell you, I had some idea that mast cells were a problem because I had a patient who actually had some mild mastocytosis, but until I read Dr. Afrins book, I didn’t see all the connections. You know, I was still looking for rashes and maybe a little GERD. So, over the years, Dr. Afrin has taught the doctors, but most importantly as we’re gonna see, he’s taught the patients because it’s hard to get doctors to think about new things. So, Dr. Afrin, can you just briefly, ’cause I think it’s really important for people to understand, you know, how you actually got into this? I mean, what made you say, oh, maybe this lowly mast cell is doing something else than just causing allergies and a rare cancer.

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