Military and Veteran Specific Tactics in Brain and Mental Health

Bryan Stepanenko, MD, MPH


  • Military specific risk factors when it comes to brain health
  • What everyone must do prior to deployment
  • How functional medicine is used in the military
Cheng Ruan, MD

Bryan Stepanenko is a board certified family physician ambassador of the Institute for muscle centric medicine. He practices lifestyle performance medicine, especially training and functional medicine from the institute functional medicine. He is teaching staff for the military’s only functional medicine training pathway and lectures internationally on warfighter human performance and wellness. He was the career firefighter and paramedic in South Florida prime, being accepted into the military and a scholarship to attend medical school at the University of Miami in Florida. He completed seven years as an active duty army physician and continues to serve in the US Army Reserve. He cares for the full spectrum of patient populations, including pediatric, adult geriatric veteran athletes, elite tactical athlete populations and specializes in building and leveraging healing communities to share medical appointments. 

And so we’re gonna talk about very interesting things today, which basically is the framework for understanding brain health, especially coming from the military side as well. So I can’t wait to introduce you to uh, to Dr. Stepanenko. Bryan, I’m so happy to have you on, we’ve known each other for a little bit, but this is really the first time we’re really engaging into this conversation, but at the time brain health and when it comes to the military. And so let’s just kind of start there. Like what, what really should we focus on lessons learned from the military when it really comes to brain health, What should we focus on?

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Military and Veteran Specific Tactics in Brain and Mental Health

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