Mindset In MCAS & Other Severe Chronic Illnesses

Beth O'Hara, FN


  • How common is flight or fight for people with chronic illness and how can shifting out of this state make a difference in your overall health
  • Learn strategies to make this shift out of flight or fight and get a sense of the role a spiritual practice plays in nurturing your mindset to a new nervous system state
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone to The Medicine of Mindset Summit. It’s Jana back with you with our next beautiful special guest, Beth O’Hara is gracing the virtual stage here at the summit today. Let me tell you a bit about this amazing lady. She is a functional natural path and she specializes in complex chronic diseases and really focuses on cases of mast cell activation syndrome, histamine intolerance and mold toxicity. She’s the founder and clinical director of mast cell 3 60 a functional naturopathic practice. And here’s what I’m really excited to get in you know in depth with Beth. Today she created her practice as a place that she dreamed of when she was severely ill with her own you know about of mast cell activation syndrome. She developed the M. C. 3 60 method for people to regain their lifestyle, their hopes and their dreams. And we had a quick little chat before we hit record and I know you are going to be touched by amazing Beth this today on The Medicine of Mindset Summit. So Beth welcome to the stage.

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