Mindset & Our Youth

Jana Danielson


  • It is a family affair today! Jana is joined by her husband, Jason and their 3 sons – Tyler, 22, Will, 19 and Tommy 17
  • Listen in on their family discussion about what mindset means to the boys, how they navigate their lives our tech-driven world and what advice they give parents who are raising kids in this world
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone to another day at The Medicine of Mindset Summit. I’ve had some pretty spectacular guests that you have had a chance to get to know this week, but for me, I’m completely biased because my guests today are my most favorite people on this planet and I get to introduce you to them. So I’m really excited about that. So joining me today are my husband, Jason and our oldest son, Tyler Ty giveaway and our middle son Will and our youngest son, Tommy, there’s Tom. And what I wanted to do was invite you into get a little glimpse of not only our family, but I wanted to bring the boys on because Ty is 22, Will is 19 and Tommy is 17 and I know many of you who are here in the audience have Children in your lives of different ages. But I wanted to give us a glimpse into mindset as a concept to kids this these ages because I think it’s pretty, it’s spectacular the way their minds are wired. They’ve grown up in a very different world than what we did. And so that’s why they’re here today. We’re gonna have a little chat with them really about mindset from their perspective and then they’re gonna share, and Jason included is gonna share a bit of are or what their mindset tools and tricks are and maybe something that they have to say will resonate with you or will open up a conversation with your kids. And so that is the whole idea for this, our second last day of the summit mini session before we get going. All right. So maybe I’ll just start with Jason since he’s here in the screen with me. Why don’t you introduce yourself Jason and maybe just talk a little bit about what mindset means to you for sure.

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