Mitochondria, Health & Longevity

Jason Prall


  • The role mitochondria play in health and longevity.
  • How to improve mitochondrial function by intermittent fasting, autophagy and mitophagy.
  • Mitochondrial biogenesis driven by hormetic stress signals…exercise, light, fasting, heat/cold, breath work.
  • Healing mitochondria with lifestyle and PEMF.
  • Amazing new information about peptides and melatonin and health.
William Pawluk, M.D., MSc

Hi, this is Dr. Pawluk. This episode today is with a great friend, Jason Prall. He’s a world traveler. He knows more about not growing old than anybody I know. And that’s part of our topic today is being eclectic in terms of regeneration and stalling aging, and recovering from injury, and so on. So I’m not gonna tell Jason what we’re gonna talk about. I think we’ll basically float around a bit on probably numerous topics, but Jason, tell us about yourself, please.

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Mitochondria, Health & Longevity

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