Mold Illness in Chronic Lyme Disease

Scott Forsgren, FDN-P


  • Mold, lyme diagnosis and treatment
  • Place for homeopathic drainage remedies
  • Patient journey through the world of chronic lyme and mycotoxins
Eric Gordon, M.D.

Good morning, welcome to another episode of Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness. Today, I’m really excited. We’re gonna have a chance to chat with Scott Forsgren. I’ve known Scott for a long time, and I have just always been impressed by the quality of information that you can find on his blog and on his interviews. It’s and it is a resource that I think is really a chance for you to learn in depth about a lot of the topics that we’re gonna touch on. What makes, I think, Scott most interesting is that he’s better educated on a lot of these issues than many of the clinicians out there. First, Scott, tell us a little bit about your background and what got you into this area of mold and chronic illnesses?

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