Mold On The Mind​

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Heather Sandison, N.D.

Welcome back to the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Heather Sandison. I am so thrilled to have a colleague of mine Dr. Jill Crista here with us today to talk about the dangers and the solutions to mold and mold toxicity. Dr. Crista is a naturopathic doctor and bestselling author and internationally recognized educator on neuro-inflammatory conditions such as mold, Lyme, PANDAS, PANS and post-concussion syndrome. She’s passionate about helping people recover their health after mold exposure. 

Dr. Crista is the author of Break the Mold: Five Tools to Conquer Mold and Take Back Your Health. And she supports mold sick people through her inspire membership. She also provides online training for medical practitioners wanting to become more literate. So her book is phenomenal. When you are looking into mold if you think that this is something you’re suffering with, this is really a must have for anyone looking to really understand what’s going on and find the solution. So we’re gonna talk through a lot of them today and right now, but really to get into the depth, there’s not, we can’t cover all of it in an hour. So prepare some luncheon, thank you so much Dr. Crista for being with us.

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