Money Mind Academy

Sean Croxton



The Money Mind Academy is an 8-week course that will completely change your relationship with money. In this interview, Sean sahres information on how his course, Money Mind Academy, specializes in shifting people’s money focus by identifying their fears, feelings, and beliefs towards money, understanding the deep importance that BEING has before DOING when wanting to become an entrepreneur, the importance of changing our mindset towards money. It’s not evil or greedy; money is what keeps us alive, and the existing and deep fear of the unknown that we all naturally have and the importance of learning how to manage it in order to reach success.

Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT 

Thanks for coming back, ladies and gentlemen. Today I have one of the most special guests we could have. It’s a guy that I’ve been really close to since the last decade. Again, buddies, business partners and associates, Sean Croxton Croxton, he’s a podcast host, author, entrepreneur, and prosperity teacher. You probably know him as the host of the Underground Wellness Radio. That’s one of the Internet’s most popular health podcasts ever. I believe I was his first guest on that. During his seven years with Underground Wellness, he penned the still popular Dark Side of Fat Loss ebook. He also started the JERF, Just Eat Real Food movement, which is amazing. He also did seven online summit events, including the thyroid sessions, digestion sessions and the depression sessions, which were phenomenally successful. Matter of fact, I think Sean Croxton wrote the book on having these kind of summits that we’re having right now. 

After ending the UW podcast in 2015, he decided to move on from holistic health to something that’s maybe even more dear to his heart. He’s going to tell us all about that, and that is how to create a new—he created this new movement in the world of personal development and the science of mind. I’ve always known him to be a big nerd. So now he’s the host of—and this is something I subscribe to, I get every day—it’s The Quote of the Day Show. That is now the number one daily motivational podcast, featuring short, inspirational teachings from the best of the best speakers. Sean Croxton, I love that one from Les Brown the other day, I’ve become a big follower of his. He’s also got a book club that goes along with that. He’s also the creator of the Money Mind Academy. Now that’s the program, along with a couple others, that we brought him on to talk about. That’s an eight week course. It will completely change your relationship with money. We all know health coaches tend to think that—they undervalue themselves in my mind, having trained them since 2008. So we’re going to talk a lot about money, mind, and how health coaches can start to realize how much money they’re actually worth. His personal philosophy is little by little, a little becomes a lot. He loves to read books, hit the gym, meditate, watch basketball—I’ve actually played basketball with him—and eat real food. He is like I said, just one big nerd at heart. Sean Croxton, big hugs and love to you, man. I’m so glad to have you on this podcast and summit interview, man. 

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