Move Your Body, Move Your Mind

Erica Hornthal


  • Let’s redefine movement as this impacts our mind body connection
  • Have you wondered why the body plays such an important role when it comes to our mindset
  • This session highlights dance/movement therapy, why should we know about it, how it influences how you think/feel
  • P.S. You do NOT need to have any dance training to benefit from this session
Jana Danielson

Well, hi everyone. Welcome, thanks for returning to the Medicine of Mindset summit. I am Jana Danielson, your host for this full week of amazing speakers and now I have the pleasure of introducing you to Erica Hornthal. Erica is we’re gonna be talking the topic that we’re gonna be discussing today is something that is very near and dear to me, it’s move your body and move your mind. So let me tell you a little bit about Erica, she is a professional counselor and a board certified dance and movement therapist, she’s the co founder and CEO of Chicago dance therapy and I was telling her before we hit record that Pilates and movement literally was my medicine when I was getting out of my multiple year pain journey of which I was told at the end by my medical team, that the pain was in my head, but I was seeking attention and I should have a nice life. So I am so thrilled to have you here today, Erica to share your wisdom, your experience and I know that there are people watching today who you’re going to be an answer to what they’re searching for. So welcome to the virtual medicine of mindset stage.

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