Neuroinflammation The Great Impersonator

Mark L. Gordon, M.D.


  • What causes inflammation/neuroinflammation in the brain? Civilians & Military
  • What is the concept of Biological Resiliency
  • How does neuroinflammation/inflammation cause neuropsychiatric conditions
  • How do you diagnose these conditions
  • What is the treatment that you have developed and are using in the Military cases of PTSD
Kashif Khan

All right, guys, we’re talking to Dr. Mark Gordon, and we’re gonna be diving into neural inflammation, but I got a pretty good sense it’s not gonna end there, because if you look this guy up and see what he’s been working on, it’s a little bit of everything, solving problems from celebrities, to athletes, to executives, and you name it, he’s been able to pinpoint root cause for a lot of this stuff. I had the pleasure and honor of diving into a platform that was built based on the insights, the many years of work that Dr. Gordon has been doing and putting it together so that practitioners can now extend their brilliance, call it, the work that Elon Musk is doing of implanting a neural chip into your brain and uploading a matrix style, what you could potentially know, you essentially are bringing that to the medical community. So, first of all, thanks for joining us. It’s really an honor to have you here.

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