Neurological Health Crisis

Suzanne Gazda, MD


  • We are facing an undeniable health catastrophe the likes of which we could have never imagined a few years ago
  • The neurological impacts are vast and profound and in order to try and help the millions that are suffering, we must understand the complex mechanisms underlying this multi-system illness
  • Health care systems will be crushed under the burden of this huge surge in chronically ill patients
Eric Gordon, MD 

Okay, welcome everyone to another edition of Overcoming Long covid and Chronic Fatigue. Tonight I have my guest is Dr. Suzanne Gazda. Dr. Gazda is a neurologist which makes her a very special person in my opinion. It is really a blessing to have a neurologist or me for saying this who thinks it is neurologists are some of the smartest doctors I’ve ever met but they often tend to just think in boxes and Dr. Gazda is someone who has definitely been helping us over the years, think outside the box and really get a better understanding of what inflammation does to the brain that Dr. Gazda is in Texas. And tell us a little bit about how you got into medicine, especially into this type of medicine.

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Neurological Health Crisis

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