Using Peptides to Help Master Love, Sex & Intimacy

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Did you know that nearly a third of women and 40% of men are sexually dissatisfied with their lives? Author, trainer, coach, and sexpert Dr. Nick Delgado brings us a colorful discussion about peak sexual health and performance at any age. Join us to cover topics such as physical health, biochemistry, sexual attitudes, and how to help revive and keep your sex life active and lasting for years!

Kent Holtorf, M.D.

Hi, it’s Dr. Kent Holtorf with another episode of the peptide summit. And today we’ll be interviewing dr. Nick Delgado, which I promise should be one of the funnest interviews. Well as educational, uh, uh, the title today is sex sex and more sex feel young forever. So we should have some fun and again, but still getting down to some serious science and, uh, uh, dr. Nixon tell us how to live long to have great sex forever, um, and, and actually had just great quality of life. Uh, so a little bit about Nick he’s, um, an expert in anti-aging peptides, lifestyle medicine, uh, and, and the immune system for over 43 years. Um, what’s amazing. And he looks amazing. Uh, he’s trained, uh, doctors in blood hematology, which a taught Maine, which is pretty amazing lipid metabolism, peak performance. Uh, I want to hold this against him, but he is a USC graduate and Loma Linda university, a major treatment author to the encyclopedia of clinical anti-aging medicine and regenerative biomedical technologies as a medical correspondent to 26,000 physicians and scientists for the American Academy of anti-aging medicine, uh, which a, for M he’s a personal health coach for Tony Robbins master university. 

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