Heart Disease Hero: One Man’s Journey From Heart Disease To Health

Paul Chatlin


  • Faced with the option of bypass and valve surgery, or even heart transplant, Paul Chatlin was offered a path of nutritional therapy for heart care at the world -famous Cleveland Clinic. He chose the latter and found evidence his heart was healing within months. His teaching tips are not to be missed
  • Paul then set up a massive educational system www.pbnsg.org to support others on the same journey and implemented the first plant based nutrition education program in a major medical school, Wayne State University in Detroit
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Well, good day everybody. Welcome to another absolutely amazing interview, here at Reverse Heart Disease Naturally Summit. This is Joel Kahn, cardiologist. You know that, and hopefully you’ll have been excited, by all the interviews we are doing, but today hold on, buckle up, put your seatbelt on, it’s a good one. You’re gonna meet somebody, that if you’re in Detroit where I am, you know very well, and if you’re somewhere else in the world, you may not know until right now, so without further ado, my dear friend, fellow Detroiter, Paul Chaplin. Good day, Paul.

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