Optimize Your Wellness Through Your Cycle

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  • Discover how different phases of your menstrual cycle affect sleep and hormones, and learn how to optimize practices to ride these hormonal waves, turning them into your superpower
  • Understand the vital role of nutrition and microbiome optimization in supporting optimal function throughout the menstrual cycle
  • Explore key foods and supplements that harmonize with your cycle, aiding in peak performance and well-being
Kashif Khan

Welcome back, everyone. We have a really cool presentation for you here today. It’s funny because just earlier today I was speaking to a patient who said she was going to see her doctor, her MD, because she wanted to get into hormones. And a lot of her friends were telling her it’s time for hormones. She’s menopausal. The doctor said, here’s your prescription. And it was one number for one thing, for the whole month that she said, but isn’t my hormone cycle different every week? Don’t my hormones go up and down is like, Yes, but this is what we do. And he said, Well, can we not do that? Can we do something that’s more allied to my cycle? And she just got silent because that answer was in there. And this is why this is really cool, because Katrine’s here to share with us today how to think about your sleep in the context of the female hormone cycle, which is a circadian rhythm that changes through the month, and how many women are struggling, trying to take one size fits all answers and plug them in and every week feels different. Some weeks it works and some weeks it doesn’t work. And nobody’s speaking in the context of the people about. We have an amazing female here today to tell you how females think about sleep. Welcome. Thank you for joining us.

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