Optimizing Epigenetics for Peak Cognitive Function

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  •  The optimal life style for cognitive function
  •  A comprehensive approach to preventing and REVERSING cognitive decline
  •  Reimagining the future of aging
Kashif Khan

The next talk we’re gonna do really blows my mind because this is the one area when we get into genetic testing, the number one reason why people tell us, I don’t wanna test this, ’cause I don’t wanna know. And it usually has to do with dementias and Alzheimer’s and I can’t tell you how many people will say that, yeah, if I may be getting Alzheimer’s I’d rather just not know and that wait and see approach, as you’re gonna learn today, is really the wrong approach because you’re not really understanding why this happens and how much it actually is in your control and to take for granted that, well, my grandmother had Alzheimer’s, my grandfather had dementia, so it’s probably in my genes. That’s just the starting point. The genes are suboptimal. There’s other things you’re doing that are creating the load. Why didn’t it happen when you were five years old? It happens a lot later because it takes a long time and making the wrong choices to get there. And today Dr. Heather Sandison is joining us, who has been doing this work for some time, blowing us away in terms of her sort of ability or to even reverse, forget about prevent and treat, but reverse conditions. So first of all, thanks for joining us.


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