Osteopenia & Osteoporosis: Why You Need a Plan for Stronger Bones for an Active Future

Kevin Ellis


  • What is the connection between gut health and bone health?
  • Is there a perfect diet for osteoporosis?
  • Any specific foods that can be a helpful addition to a bone-healthy plan?
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to “Mastering the Menopause Transition Summit”. I’m your host, Dr. Sharon Stills, and today is the day we’re gonna talk about them bones. I know that is something that’s on all of your minds. As we age, we worry about osteopenia and osteoporosis. And today I have Kevin Ellis with me, who’s better known as the BoneCoach. He came properly dressed, and he is a certified integrative nutrition health coach. He’s a podcaster, a YouTuber, a bone health advocate. He’s the founder of Bonecoach.com. He’s one of the sponsors of our summit, and he actually had an osteoporosis diagnosis in his early 30s. And he realized just how challenging it can be for the average person to make sense of what needs to be done to improve, and how to move forward confidently with the Stronger Bones plan. So today, not only has he transformed his own health and made continued progress on his own journey, he’s now dedicated his life to helping women with osteopenia and osteoporosis gain clarity and confidence that improvement is actually possible. He has a unique three-step process, world-class coaching programs. I’m so excited, I can’t talk, I’m stumbling on my words. And his team of credentialed experts have helped people in over 1,500 plus cities around the world get confident in their Stronger Bones plan. And I’ve brought him here for you so we can have this super important conversation, and you can learn what you need to do to help your bones. So welcome to the summit, thanks for being here.


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