Our Thoughts As Language

Jana Danielson


  • Do you have a fear that you would like to conquer in 2023?
  • Do you feel like the voices in your head keep you from making positive shifts in your life?
  • In this mini-session, Jana will take you on an adventure as we deconstruct the language of our mind, a.k.a. our thoughts
  • Be sure to watch right until the end as you will get to witness Jana overcome two of her fears – her fear of letting go and her fear of heights!

Well, welcome back to another mini session with me. I’m Jana Danielson, your host for the end chronic stress fatigue and burnout the medicine of mindset summit and I just want to thank you so much for starting each day with me now I know you have the option of like just fast forwarding it but I love that you stay and and start each day with me. So today our little mini session is all about your thoughts as the language of your mind and today you’re in for a special treat because at the end of this video there is an experience that I had that I want to share with you. Now let me frame today. So one of my current obsessions is anything from dr joe dispenser. Now I love watching his series called Rewired on Gaia TV. I sit with my pen and my paper and like I write and I write and I pause and I re listen and I write and I found that I have just learned so much more about the physical body because of the way our mind works and the way that he talks about it Now, I hope you’ve gotten to the point where you realize that your physical body, you know, movement is medicine and then your brain, your brain mindset is medicine and then your soul like spirit is medicine are not three separate things. 

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