The Nano Oxygen Bath

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Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. 

Hi, I’m Dr.Leigh Connealy, the Medical Director at Cancer Center for Healing. So here we are in our nano bath looks like a conventional bathtub, but it isn’t it’s actually pure filtered water and you could see the nano bubbles and it makes the longer look a little milky but these are nanobubbles and oxygen. Well, what do you need oxygen for? Basically everything. So this penetrates as far as four centimeters from the surface of the skin. So just for skin conditions alone it helps with infections, psoriasis basic cleansing and exfoliation and then most importantly, it absorbs these negative ions of oxygen to go and be absorbed and be all over your body through the trillions of cells in your body. Every one of your cells needs oxygen. So you need oxygen to purify and detoxify the body. You need oxygen for every chemical reaction that takes place. You need oxygen from your arteries delivering oxygen through your capillary bed, to your veins. So oxygen, let’s face it is the first requirement for being alive. 

So how does oxygen relate to cancer? Well, Otto Warburg, a very famous German scientist discovered that cancer cells thrive through an anaerobic environment, anaerobic means without oxygen. So I tell all my patients that cancer is a sugar loving, acidifying low oxygen environment. So all of our patients we love to have either hyperbaric oxygen or the nano bath or ozone to super oxygenate the body. So for more information please go to cancer center for


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