Pelvic Floor Health Redefined

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  • “You called it the WHAT?!” Our summit host, Jana, has heard this more than a few times in response to her launching the world’s first patented pelvic floor fitness tool for women she calls the Cooch Ball
  • In this mini-session learn about this side of Jana’s expertise as she shares some of the myths about pelvic floor health, including that becoming a mom or going through menopause automatically means that you become a lifetime member of the “Pee Club”
  • Jana will share the importance that breath and bloodflow play in improving your pelvic floor function
Mental Health, Mind, Mindset

Everyone is Jana here back with you for day number four of our summit and our fourth mini session together. Now we touched on my pain journey and hopefully there was some inspiration or some information that resonated with you on day one. We touched on the breathwork and the spinal movements really that I learned that were my starting point for my own healing journey. We played yesterday with a morning ritual that I have with my elixir and I hope that you find ways to get good nutrition and good energy and good frequency into your body so you can start your day and today I want to share another part of my life with you, which is my passion for women’s health and pelvic floor fitness. Now I’m the mom of three boys, you’re gonna meet them in a couple of days. We’re gonna, they join me On day six actually of these many sessions and so you’re gonna get a chance to, you know, meet them. And we actually talked about mindset from the perspective of, you know, teenagers and young adults and so my boys now are 17, 19 and 22. 

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