PEMFs are the ultimate healing device​

William Pawluk, MD, MSc


  • How do you define energy healing?
  • What is the history of energy healing?
  • How do magnetic fields relate to energy healing?
  • What are pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMFs?
  • What are the intensity levels of PEMFs versus the body’s magnetic fields?
Tom McCarthy

My next guest, and I were just having a stimulating conversation, and the information was so good. I said, hold on a second. We’ve got to start hitting Record, because I want all of you to learn from him. His name is William Pawluk, M.D.. He’s a medical doctor, an MD, but he’s much more than that. Several years ago in his practice, he was seeing that as hard as he worked and as much as he followed what he had learned in medical school, some things still weren’t working for patients. And I read a bill, I read in on your website about three patients that, I think it was 1983, got admitted to the hospital with bleeding from the stomach, and they were being treated for pain with this standard treatment, giving them ibuprofen, aspirin, and it was masking the pain a little bit, but the side effects were disastrous. And so you really launched into looking at alternatives to helping people, and I’m so thankful you did, because your history is amazing. And some of the things that you launched into, and I’m just gonna look at a list here, but acupuncture. Let me just see where some of these were. What were some of the other techniques? Oh, hypnosis, bodywork, energy medicine, homeopathy, like you looked at everything which very few doctors ever do. They go down such a rigid path. And so your traditional training with all these additional things that you’ve learned have made you a master of healing. And the thing that we’re gonna talk about today is PEMF. And I’ll let you explain what that is and just a little bit, but you are the authority on PEMF, and you have found amazing results in pain and I think like 50 other different types of diseases or conditions people have. So this is gonna be very valuable for everybody watching this. So welcome to our summit. We’re really excited to have you on board


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PEMFs are the ultimate healing device​

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