Dr. Uzzi Reiss, MD – Peptides and Fertility

Dr. Uzzi Reiss



Many women have gone through incredible lengths to try and conceive. Failing to conceive through IVF treatments and other interventions can take a financial and emotional toll on couples. Join Dr. Uzzi Reiss, an internationally recognized obstetrician and gynecologist in discussing how peptides have increased fertility for many of his patients. He specializes in advancing medicine from a holistic and personalized approach and has written several books to help women empower themselves to take back their health!

Kent Holtorf, M.D.

Hi, it’s Dr. Kent Holtorf with another episode of the peptide summit. Today my special guest is Uzzi Reiss. He’s going to talk about infertility and how peptides can optimize your chance of getting pregnant, even after multiple fertility treatments. And it’s not just peptides as well, it’s numerous interventions, and we’ve seen the same thing that people try multiple IVFs, don’t get pregnant, come in, optimize a number of things, and they get pregnant naturally. And these fertility doctors are just missing it all. Then also we’re going to try to fit in finally breaking free from PCOS with peptides. So, Dr. Reiss has been been around—God, I’ve known him for I don’t know how long, seen him at all the conferences. He’s an esteemed, internationally recognized obstetrician and gynecologist. He’s an author and speaker after serving in the Israeli army as a paratrooper officer. He’s bad ass! Dr. Reiss began his studies in Italy and Israel, later completed his post doc work at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine. 

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