Enhancing Peptide Therapy and Reducing Side Effects: Practical Guidelines for Preparing Your Patient

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc


  • Practical guidelines for preparing patients for peptide therapy.
  • The importance of addressing galectin-3 in peptide therapy.
  • Ensuring proper pathway expression in peptide therapy.
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Hi, welcome to the Peptide Summit. My name is Dr. Matt Cook and it’s my double honor to have part two of two with Dr. Isaac Eliaz, and of all of the people that we’re talking to I think he’s probably one of the most thoughtful, incredible doctors who has a life of wisdom that we need to understand and hear about. And so I’m delighted and grateful to have you again on the podcast. I’m super interested in continuing to listen and hear where you’re coming from, because I think you’re one of the brightest minds that has ever been in integrative medicine. And I think that probably many of the things that I do and what we do in our practice is derivative of stuff that you fundamentally have developed. And I’ve been hearing for years, “Oh, Isaac Eliaz does this and that.” And then I would kind of follow those directions and now we’re talking to you at a regular basis. And Dr. Eliaz also has a fairly significant focus on teaching and so I’m excited to hear about that. And then we’re gonna really dive into the nitty gritty of taking care of people. So welcome to the show and thanks for being with us.

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