Practical Lessons From Genetic Testing For Heart Disease

Dr. Kim Bruno


  • Genetics testing using advanced technology like at Vibrant-Wellness makes it easy to learn of hereditary risks for heart diseases like high blood pressure
  • A simple blood sample, finger poke, or cheek swab can provide the results of 22 genetic tests on the CardiaX panel
  • Practical suggestions based on the results like the amounts of fruit and vegetable intake, beetroot, and caffeine are some of the common steps after the panel is back
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Alright everybody, we have some really really good practical information. Maybe you wonder why your family history is full of people with strokes or heart attacks. Maybe I wonder why you had a stroke, heart attack. Maybe you want to know what your risk of a stroke heart attack. Maybe you wanna your optimal nutrition status and you really don’t know. Like most of us I brought in an expert from a company that has a pair of names, vibrant America and vibrant wellness because they are related to do slightly different things. But our expert is an absolute superstar, is going to guide us through this and I want to introduce her, Dr. Kim Bruno. She’s there with us today, passionate about integrative medicine and achieving optimal health from a young age forward which is a key proper nutrition to every cell removal of external interference and optimal biochemical pathways throughout the body. 

Will be talking predominantly about reversing heart disease naturally summit today Dr. Bruno went to a doctorate in chiropractic medicine in Chicago. Got certified in a really tough certification called CCN certified clinical nutritionist postgraduate educational work at the Institute for functional medicine line, Master courses clinical nutrition certification board. She is a student and through her 14 year career she’s had a few phases of owning a private practice, becoming director of functional medicine at a very large immunology clinic in Colorado. And now she is joining us in her role at vibrant wellness and vibrant America. We thank you so much. She gets the joy of living in Colorado with her husband and two young daughters and that must be just beautiful in these winter months when the sun is shining in the sky is blue. So welcome on board. Dr. Kim Bruno

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