Learn the proper way to sequence your approach to Lyme

Jay Davidson D.C., PSc.D


  • Binders and Detoxing Tips for patients who are the sickest of the sick.
  • Killing the bugs versus creating the right terrain in your body.
  • Drainage versus Detox.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of the Healthy Hotline. And I have Dr. Jay Davidson. Been following Jay forever, we’re friends and colleagues for, I want to say, a better part of 10 years. I just want to kind of just gloss a little bit about Jay’s accomplishments. He’s a two time bestseller author, not just domestically in the U.S. He is worldwide. He has hosted, and he was sort of a groundbreaker and a pioneer, before the whole summits and webinars and podcasts really took off. 

Dr. Jay was able to understand that communicating to the community through that type of forum was a really effective way to touch a lot of lives. And so the ones that everybody knows him from initially was the chronic Lyme disease summits. And then he did parasite summits, which was again, groundbreaking. And then he also hosted the viral and retroviral summit and the mitochondria summit. So just gives you a feeling about how diverse Dr. Jay is in many categories. I have to tell you, and this is just an indication of all the areas that I have marked in his book. And this was my best read, my best bathroom read. 

And I’m not saying that in a derogatory way. But I had it there because, you know, sort of like next to the old Testament and the Bible, Jay’s book was one of those books that you could just basically open up to any chapter, anywhere, and get information that you basically can use today to really change your life. And so now it’s moved from the bathroom to my library and I reflect on this book and this is a must read for all you guys out there. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s not just about Lyme. 

It’s just about general health and the ways to really bring yourself back to health, which is an important topic that we all need, especially in today’s COVID days. I would like to say Dr. Jay, that you’re kind of like what I am to building and developing infrared devices. You are like a serial healthcare entrepreneur. And what’s interesting about what’s paralleled about us is that you identify the problem and then you are very solution-oriented. And that really, I think, was the backbone behind your formulation companies because you are really offering the public, not just identifying the challenge and what to work with and how your physiology works, but really putting it out there, taking risks and developing real, unique solutions. Your formulations are my number one go-to, by far. And I actually want you to spend a minute or two just telling us some of the unique qualities about your formulations that really separates you from everybody else. So I don’t know if I left anything out Dr. Jay, but if I did, please inform us as to what kinds of things, what you’re up to these days. Then I want to dive into what I think is cogent about today’s interview.

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Learn the proper way to sequence your approach to Lyme

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