The Psychoenergetics of Health & Disease

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  • How early life conditioning and beliefs affect your health.
  • How specific visual frequencies, sounds, and symbols can impact the way you think.
  • Using awareness to get in touch with your own emotions, thoughts, and energies to break free from the matrix.
  • Therapeutic tools to uncover conditioned beliefs, unprocessed emotions, and traumas.
  • The importance of creating a fluid emotional & energetic body.
Jason Prall

Well, I’m very pleased to welcome our next guest. We have become pretty good friends over the years. We’ve had a lot of great conversations around this topic, which is how the energetics, the bioenergetics affect our physical health, our mental health, our emotional health, and what we can do truly to get to the root of most of our ailments and our chronic illnesses. This is Dr. Eva Detko. She’s a PhD and a natural health care practitioner, author, and speaker for over 23 years, she has also successfully recovered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and reversed her own Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Dr. Eva now helps others recover their health and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of human physiology, biochemistry, nutritional sciences, and bioenergetics. She uses a wide range of mind transforming modalities, including havening technique, brain working recursive therapy, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP, transactional analysis, and applied psychoneuroimmunology. Dr. Eva strongly believes that failure to adequately address the psychoenergetic root causes of ill health is exactly why so many people struggle to overcome their chronic health issues. This is why she has developed the Sovereign Health Solution. The highly comprehensive approach is a culmination of over two decades of study and clinical practice. Dr. Eva, welcome.

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The Psychoenergetics of Health & Disease

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