Reasons For Long Haul

Evan Hirsch, MD


  • Long haul as a biofilm disruptor
  • How long haul is different from chronic fatigue syndrome
  • The association between Long Haul and other infections
  • Long haul and hypercoagulation
  • Reason why people get long haul
Eric Gordon, MD 

Welcome welcome welcome to another edition of Overcoming Long covid and Chronic Fatigue, today we have another really special guest, Somebody who is, I think looking at this from all the right angles. It’s Dr. Evan Hirsch and I need to get my classes on for a moment. And but what’s really been important about Dr. Hirsch said he’s focused on energy and how to fix your fatigue. That you wrote a book with that name as you can see in the background. And you know, he but at the same time he’s focused on what is underneath why you need to fix your fatigue. And one of the causes are that can be causing problems and using those same eyes. He’s been looking at covid and like many of us, he’s been finding all kinds of ways to be helpful. And so Dr. Hirsch really a pleasure to have you. And you know, just tell us a little bit about what got you down what I call the thinking path. You know, I love doctors, I think they do wonderful things. But to many of them just do paint by numbers when confronted with people, they don’t understand, they assigned psychological diagnoses without looking further. And I know that you’re somebody who hasn’t done that and I’m always interested in what clicked what got you to do it a little differently.

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