Recover From Sensitivity: Dealing With A Sensitive Body & Mind

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  • Gain a fresh perspective on how diseases can trigger a trauma response in our bodies, not just the other way around
  • Identify the three key triggers that enhance the sensitivity of your body, driving a cellular-level trauma response
  • Understand the importance of addressing the biology and conditions that cause a trauma response to avoid feeling invalidated and misunderstood
Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH

Sensitivity reactivity. So many people are trying to do emotional work, trauma work, and yet their biology is so sensitive they actually can’t do much. Their body lets them know when they have done too much. They get sick. They get aches. They get pains. They may get headaches, stomach pain. Many people who have come to the 21 day journey describe it as My body seems to shut down. I feel my body can’t keep up with what I want to be doing, with what I know I need to be doing. My body is betraying me. If this is you or if you work with people who seem to have sensitive bodies, you will get so much value out of this. Talk on the Biology of Trauma Summit 3.0, where we’re talking about the trauma disease connection. But in today’s talk, we’re looking at the biology of trauma through a different angle. We’re not looking at it from the angle of what disease does the trauma response in our body, cause we’re looking at it from what biology, what disease actually is causing a trauma response in my body that has nothing to do with the events in my life. It’s not an emotional trigger. It’s causing an emotional trigger. 

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