Reducing Oxidative Stress in Epstein-Barr Virus

Kasey Holland, ND


  • Why addressing oxidative stress is crucial for healing from Epstein – Barr virus.
  • Mechanisms of oxidative stress and EBV in chronic illness.
  • How to pinpoint EBV reactivation and describing the stages of EBV infection.
  • The cyclical nature of EBV reactivation.
  • PEMFs as a way to combat oxidative stress and chronic inflammation that predisposes to EBV reactivation.
  • Natural treatments to control EBV.
William Pawluk, M.D., MSc

Hi, Dr. Pawluk here again. And today, I have a very special guest, Dr. Kasey Holland, and we’re gonna be talking about another one of our favorite topics and that’s Epstein-Barr virus. So, we’re gonna have Dr. Holland talk about her background and her history, and then we’ll jump right in.

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