Release Your Past, Live Your Present, Love Your Future

Deanna Hansen


  • What is fascia and how can it impact your body’s abililty to heal and release trauma?
  • Learn the ‘why’ behind the value of diaphragmatic breathing as integral part of your healing
  • Also featured in this session is why it is so important to move ‘into’ pain vs ‘avoiding’ pain
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone to The Medicine of Mindset Summit. I hope that you are just like a sponge and just absorbing all the amazing information that we have been bringing to you every single day this week. I have a really special interview guest next now, I wanna, I’m gonna introduce Deanna Hansen, not through her bio that she wrote for us because you’re gonna be able to read that if you want, I want to introduce her to the virtual stage here on my Summit by helping you understand how her and I got connected. So we are both Canadians and I was literally in line at Costco, my cart full of groceries waiting and just scrolling through my phone and it probably would have, well you know what it would have been, it would have been in 2015 because that’s when we expanded our Pilates studio to become a Pilates studio and integrated Health therapies clinic and I scrolled across this training that was happening in my city of Saskatoon Saskatchewan and it was block therapy and I was like, what, what is this? So literally right there in Costco. 

I didn’t even have to think more than five seconds. I registered on my phone paid and Deanna came to Saskatoon, I did an intensive workshop with her and I’ve used this analogy before on this summit, it was one of my jerry Maguire moment, like she really did have me at hello, I was you know, as a movement person myself, I was blown away by her presence, her knowledge and just this deeper understanding of the emotional side of our body when it came to fashion health and you know, as a retired athletic therapist. Deanna is one of those people that has, you know, walked her, walked and talked her talk. She has had her own paying journey. And it really, like most of us turns out being the gift that helped, you know, helped us understand why we were put here on this earth. And so I’m so excited to have Deanna here and you know, we’ve just been connected really, ever since I’ve, you know, I’ve brought her work into my studio, thousands of people have been impacted by it. And when I was thinking about who do I want to bring on this virtual stage, she was definitely at the top of my list. So Deanna welcome. So I mean, just welcome welcome, Welcome to our Summit

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