Releasing The Innate Power To Heal Yourself – Part 1

Sean Dillon


  • PEMFs are the most crucial natural “supplementation” strategy.
  • PEMFs help you heal. Adding PEMFs to your lifestyle.
  • The quantum relationship you have with yourself.
  • Using high intensity PEMFs for specific needs and portable PEMFs as needed throughout the day.
Riz Lakhani, L. Ac., M. Ac

Hi, this is Riz Lakhani from the team. And I’m here today with Mr. Sean Dillon. Sean is a PEMF practitioner for more than a decade now in British Columbia, Canada. He’s been working with magnetic fields to help people for that time. Sean’s story is very interesting because he comes from a background of initially using PEMFs to help individuals with particular issues. And has since then more recently become involved with exposing PEMFs to practitioners and helping folks that want to use it in a more clinical setting to help individuals. So now he’s more of a teacher to other practitioners. So, Sean, thank you very much for joining us for this interview. This is gonna be an awesome talk. And I’d love to have you go ahead and tell us more about yourself and how you got started with all this.

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