Rethinking Heart Health: Thriving In The 21st Century

Russell Jaffe, MD


  • Cardiovascular disease is a culmination of repair deficit, oxidative damage, and metabolic acidosis
  • There are 8 crucial functional predictive tests need to be used rather than routine known tests to be able to discern risks to cardiac disease
  • Nature, nurture, and wholeness – using the Physiology first model for optimum cardiometabolic support
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Alright, everybody, good day to you. Please stand, sit move, but do not leave your screen, whatever you’re watching, you’re gonna have one of the most fascinating and provocative topics and interviews we’ve done and if you don’t know, Dr. Russell Jaffee, you’re gonna love him at the end of this segment and you’re gonna want to follow him, you’re gonna want to read books and maybe explore his vitamin company. And I say that unabashedly because I’m one of the biggest fans, Bachelor’s MD, PhD, Boston University, advanced training at National Institutes of Health, advanced training in anatomic pathology plus an enormous amount of Eastern medicine, formal training, acupuncture mind, body, a very unusual combination of solid academic, Western medicine and very ancient and healing Eastern medicine that culminated him writing many papers, many books, a think tank, the health collegium and a wonderful integrated vibe company called Berque, B E R Q U E. So I’m a big fan of and have been through the certification process, which I encourage anybody in the health field to explore. It was just fascinating. If you want to know about acid base load and many other topics, Dr. Jaffee, maybe the world expert on, so welcome, welcome, you’re gonna blow apart everybody’s thinking on heart disease today, right?

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