Rethinking ME/CFS As Immune Dysfunction Secondary To Infections

Gary Kaplan, DO


  • Examine the process of immune dysfunction and the involvement of genetics
  • Epigenetics and the associated factors of environmental toxins, sleep, infections, and trauma
  • ME/CFS seen as an autoimmune disease
Eric Gordon, MD 

Welcome. Welcome. This is another part of Long COVID and Chronic Fatigue. We are really working on presenting to you all how long COVID happens and also what you can do about it and its relationship and similarity to chronic fatigue today. I have a chance to interview Dr. Gary Kaplan. And Gary has done some really, a lot of great work and especially in helping bring clinical research alive and that’s a topic that’s dear to my heart and we won’t talk too much about it today. But I just want to thank him because that is a very difficult thing for people who are practicing medicine to also work with researchers and help really answer the questions that you as patients need answered. And along that way, he’s also published a book recently called Why You are Still Sick, which is I think a great book to look for and get some help. The subtitle, I think answers says it all how infections can break your immune system and how you can recover. So we’re gonna be doing a little deep dive in some of the underlying risk factors and triggers for winding up with long COVID and or chronic fatigue. And talking a little bit about how Dr. Kaplan Gary as well, call them for today has been working retreating along COVID. So with that in mind Dr. Kaplan, welcome and tell me how you think about risk factors.

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