SEP, Electrohydraulic Pressure Pulse Device for Reversing Cancer Cell Polarity

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John Santoyo

Hi, I’m John Santoyo I work here at the Center for New Medicine, I’m a technician for Dr.Connealy. One of the services that we provide here, Dr.Connealy has acquired what’s called the SEP, okay? The SEP is electoral hydraulic system that produces a very intense pressure pulse, okay. 25,000 volts goes through this cable. There’s a chemical compound in here that gets triggered with the electricity and it produces a very, very strong pressure pulse. It’s like being at a parade and you feel the bass drums coming by and you feel it on your body. Well, this would be more directed in that regard. It’s based on lithotripsy. In the mid 80s gentlemen, Dr. Andre Hague helped to receive the first lithotripsy systems in England, and from that the work is based on that. Lithotripsy is used everywhere actually around the world to break up kidney stones, works really good for that it’s real precise and by design this is not precise. 

It goes into the body and goes all around. So why do we use it on our cancer patients? Specifically for cancer it’s been discovered that cancer is really an electrical fault. So normal, healthy tissues have a positive and negative polarity to it. Your liver is positive on the outside negative on the inside, your kidneys, everything, all your systems are that way. And they emit a clockwise rotational force outward from the body everybody has it all day long everywhere. Cancer, what it does it tries to hide from the body and the body’s immune system. It uses a fibrogen, it develops a fibrogen sheath over itself that helps hide it, it also reverses its polarity. So it’s negative on the outside positive on the inside. 

Unfortunately, your body has very little chance of getting to it and fighting it. So when it’s exposed to the very intense pressure pulses of this system we use this for dramatic effect a little battery positive and negative when they cancerous area is assaulted if you will by the very intense pressure pulses it tries to hide and it reverses its polarity. Once that’s done it doesn’t know how flip back it stays there it’s stuck and it’s now unable to reproduce any bad RNA that fibrinogen sheath that also protects it. It gets holes punctured in it, it’s called electroporation. So the whole process is really beneficial overall for the patient. There’s no silver bullet if you will to help every patient for every malady every concern in that regard. 

But we have found that this is really, really beneficial treatment to the the overall treatments that we have here at the center. When they leave our room here they’re in a really good fighting position for anything else they’re gonna do. Overseas Indian and Spain oftentimes it’s used as a standalone treatment. There are other issues and concerns that that the doctors have with their patients but oftentimes they use it as a standalone and they go about their business and they’re doing very well where we’re a cog in the whole system, the overall betterment for the patient is drastically improved. The other benefits that we use it here at the center for SEP for pressure post treatments is really good for musculoskeletal issues as well as endocrine dysfunction. So if you have high blood sugar, if you have pancreas issues, if you have adrenal fatigue the intense pressure pulses can treat those areas and institutes a healing process.

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