Reversing Heart Disease With Nutrition Since 1985

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  • Dr. Esselstyn established a program at the Cleveland Clinic for the “walking dead” heart patient with no option and studied a whole-food plant diet on their outcome
  • Within weeks, symptoms and PET scan measurements of blood flow improved and follow up angiograms showed heart disease reversals
  • The diet supports maximal nitric oxide production in blood vessels and in the mouth and is backed by the latest cutting edge science
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Alright, everybody, welcome back one of the most exciting interviews we’re gonna have in this amazing week, reverse heart disease natural summit. Thank you for being here. You will be glad you’re here. Let me introduce somebody who actually needs no introduction, but just in case somebody isn’t aware. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. Graduated from the Yale University School way back 1956 Medical degree. Western Reserve University School Medicine 1960 won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in 1956 for rowing some just incredible video I’ve seen played by his son rip army surgeon in Vietnam awarded a bronze star. Everybody please salute Dr. Esselstyn trained as a surgeon at the Cleveland clinic. Met Beautiful and Crile, whose grandfather founded the Cleavage Clinic and whose father was a famous, if I’m correct breast surgeon where Dr. Esselstyn ultimately rose to be chairman of the breast cancer task force and head of the thyroid and parathyroid disease surgical unit at the Cleveland clinic, compassion and medicine distinguished alumnus award. But this is a surgeon who cares about nutrition. I mean there actually are some and he became so caring about nutrition that it has been his passion since 1985 clinical research. He’s been awarded lifetime achievement awards by the Plan Trish in project American cause of lifestyle medication, very highly published and perhaps of all things besides his sparkling an amazing wife and Author uh and is his book, prevent and reverse heart disease, published in 2007. A book, literally hundreds of my patients walk out of my office with copies of its their homework they have to read. I don’t know, I could go out and on and just introduce you doc but shouldn’t we just say good morning and hello. 

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